Altus Power Purchases Solar System in Wareham, MA

Dec 5, 2014 | News

(Greenwich, CT) – Altus Power America is pleased to announce the purchase of a solar system at the Wareham Fire District in Wareham, MA.  The 655 kW ground mount system will offset the majority of the Fire District’s electricity usage and significantly reduce their carbon footprint over the term of the 20-year Net Metering Credit agreement.  Sol Systems collaborated with Altus on deal structuring,  originated the project opportunity, and provided initial diligence.

The system will generate approximately 830,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, saving CO2 emissions equivalent to nearly 50,000 gallons of gasoline annually. The system is part of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources Solar Carve Out SREC I program.  In addition to realizing cost savings on their electric bills, the Wareham Fire District will receive land-lease payments from Altus in exchange for hosting the system on municipal land.

Municipalities are recognizing solar is a great option to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels while realizing substantial cost savings on power bills.  “Altus Power is proud to form a long-term partnership with the Fire District and support the Wareham community’s efforts to promote sustainability” says Dustin Weber, an Altus representative.

About Altus Power America

Altus Power America, Inc. is a Greenwich, CT-based company that invests in, owns and operates clean energy projects. Its principals draw on their deep expertise in finance, construction, engineering and design to provide renewable energy and solar solutions to commercial and public sector clients. Visit for more information.

About Wareham Fire District

The Wareham Fire District was established in 1907.  It is now comprised of four stations and about seventy personnel.  The Town of Wareham includes two Fire Districts, Wareham Fire District and Onset Fire District, both private entities not owned or operated by the Town.  The population within the Wareham Fire District is just over 20,000 and the covered area is thirty-five square miles.  The Wareham Fire District provides for a domestic water supply and fire protection for the inhabitants of Wareham. Visit for more information.

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