Your Vote Matters

If you owned CBRE Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CBAH) (“CBAH”) common stock as of the close of business on October 27, 2021, we encourage you to vote as soon as possible

in favor of the business combination with Altus Power, Inc.  and all of the proposals described in CBAH’s proxy statement/prospectus.

How to Vote

Creating a Clean Electrification Ecosystem

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Operating Projects
Under Construction
Solar Storage
Provides EV Charging

We make and distribute Clean Kilowatt-hours that Create Savings and ESG Benefits for our clients across the country

Altus is set up to serve 5,000+ residential community solar customers in 5 states

Altus serves 300+ public and private entities in 16 states

Partnership with Blackstone

In January of 2020, Blackstone led a recapitalization of Altus Power to refinance the existing capital structure and provide significant growth capital for future development of new solar power plants. In connection with the recapitalization, Blackstone took a minority stake in Altus Power. Blackstone is a leading financial institution in the private investment sector with a long history of backing clean energy companies.